The Coach House, Wick Lane, Englefield Green, TW20 0UF
The Coach House, Wick Lane, Englefield Green, TW20 0UF
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COVID 19 Anti Body Testing At this Clinic

Judith Spruzs a Qualified Pharmacist of Global Health Travel is situated upstairs at the practice carrying out a private antibody test for Covid-19.


Please book online via Judith's booking system only.......


4 people can come together for a 15 minute appointment, if more than 4 people, please book out another 15 min slot. Please write a note to say how many you would like with Names and DOB for each of you at time of booking.


These are MRHA licenced products and are CE certified for use by Health Professionals only.  

These are produced by the UK laboratory Biopanada, it is a simple finger prick test with the positive or negative result for COVID 19 antibodies, within a 10 minute wait. You will be provided with a certificate of the test result. 




This is not taking anti body tests away from the NHS, the government can get what they need, but they are looking to order millions, so will be purchasing from china or elsewhere for mass production, once they find one reliable, these are produced only by the hundreds as a reliable source in the UK.


This is helping provide vital information to the bigger results picture, without costing the NHS, a sensibly priced private test. Some places in the UK are charging £148 for the same test, this one is £70


This COVID Rapid Test Cassette cannot be used for self-testing. It is to be used only by a trained health professional. 

Following your test, all clients are asked to  Log onto and fill in a short questionnaire to share the anonymised date with the NHS.

Please note this is NOT a COVID 19 test for the virus, it is the approved COVID-19 antibody Pharmacy Test, which is proven to have high sensitivity and specificity, with an overall accuracy calculated at 98.6% (IgG). 


The test is approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


Since January 2020, COVID 19 has been in the UK, 80% of patients suffer mild symptoms, many do not know if they had the virus or not. This anti body test will provide you with a definitive answer to whether you possibly did suffer mild symptoms of the virus, and now test positive for anti bodies, or you test negative and need to go away taking much better protection for yourself.


Please wear a mask to your appointment, this will be a 100% sterile procedure.



Please book via


Judith Spruzs Tel: 01932 943002 or Email:

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