The Coach House, Wick Lane, Englefield Green, TW20 0UF
The Coach House, Wick Lane, Englefield Green, TW20 0UF
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Covid 19 Guidelines



Legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities


We have a duty of care to provide a reasonable standard of care to patients and to act in ways that protect their safety. As a member of the CSP(Chartered Society of Physiotherapy), I must uphold the statutory standards for UK-wide registration through its duty of care guidance. 


As a registered physiotherapist we must comply with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards of conduct performance and ethics. 


Ethical framework, standard 6 – Identify and manage risk 

We must take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm to service users, carers and colleagues as far as possible. 


We must not do anything or allow someone else to do anything which could put the health or safety of a service user, carer or colleague at unacceptable risk. 



Proficiency for physiotherapists, standard 15 – 


We understand the need to maintain the safety of both service users and those involved in their care. 


We are aware of applicable health and safety legislation, and any relevant safety policies and procedures in force at the workplace, such as incident reporting and be able to act in accordance with these. 


We are able to work safely including being able to select appropriate hazard control and risk management, reduction or elimination techniques in a safe manner and in accordance with health and safety legislation. 


We are able to establish a safe environment for practice which minimises the risk to service users, those treating them, and others, including the use of hazard control and particularly infection control. 


We do comply with government social distancing and shielding directives and mitigate as far as reasonably practicable the risk of transmitting the disease to patients and the wider general public, particularly to those in the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable categories. 


Risk assessment of the working environment for which you are responsible

Clients who fall under the Vulnerable category, will not be seen at the practice until the period of complete isolation has been lifted.

A telephone call to the client, where a virtual session is deemed inappropriate and a face to face treatment session has been agreed between the client and the physiotherapist.

Single use large airy treatment room with no reception area/desk, no other staff members in the building at the same time. 

Based in the open area on a small/quiet business farm.

Internal doors and windows can be left open for air flow, with a privacy screen erected.

Large signs on windows/doors to advise clients to wait outside or in their cars until they are allowed in the building.

The physiotherapist to only open and close the front door and the internal door.

Large open car park for social distancing outside.

The kitchen is out of use to clients with sign on the door.

The toilet is for emergency use only with disposable paper towel feed, anti-bacterial soap dispenser and hand sanitiser outside.

All internal covers have been removed from the treatment bed. Disposable paper towel to cover the bed and dispose of after is in use, 99% alcohol spray to wipe down the bed after each treatment and equipment after each use. 

PEMF mattress has been put away, so only to use the PEMF coil and wipe down after each use.

There is a single use disposable bag for rubbish to be used by the therapist only, no bin to open and close.

Infection prevention and control measures

Hand sanitiser at the entrance to the practice for clients use before and after treatment, hand sanitiser in the practice room by the main desk for the physiotherapist use.

Clients are emailed at time of booking and 24 hours before their appointment with clear Health and Hygiene guidelines to;

Wear a mask to all appointments,

Wash hands thoroughly and use hand sanitiser at the entrance.

To wait in their car until their appointment time,

To respect the 2m rule of social distancing.

To bring a small/ clean hand towel for the head piece of the bed.

To arrange contactless payment via pre bank transfer, cash deposit or contactless card payment.

To only come if they are feeling 100% well, if they have been in contact with anyone unwell in the previous 10 days, do not attend. If they are suffering a sore throat, new dry cough, loss of taste or smell, or have even a small fever, please cancel.

Credit card machine to be anti-bacterial wiped between use.

Clients will be laid down on their back or fronts for all treatments to maintain distancing as much as possible.

Access to personal protective equipment

The physiotherapist will be wearing a full set of PPE as per guidelines for Outpatient Private Practice treating Non- Covid clients.

Mask, Visor essential, Disposable gloves available. Hand sanitise between clients. Clothing to be washed thoroughly after each session.

Virtual first approaches if possible, should continue to work with a virtual first approach using digital solutions to provide care and limit face-to-face contact. 

This is because of the risk of virus transmission during face-to-face physiotherapy activity in that the therapist and patient are highly likely to be in very close contact (i.e. less than 2 meters). 


Patient risk assessment and clinical reasoning all decision making with appropriate rationale will be recorded in a patient’s clinical record. In short, the clinician must be able to justify that the benefits of seeing a patient face-to-face are demonstrably greater than the risks of infection transmission. 


Patient consent for treatmentWhile public information on COVID-19 is extensive a clinician should not assume that a patient understands: 

  • the mechanisms and risks of transmission and exposure, 
  • the nature of close patient contact during a physiotherapy consultation, 
  • the level of PPE that a clinician will be required to wear, 
  • the infection prevention and control measures that must be taken,

This will all be communicated to the client from the initial online booking on the website, through to regular communications leading up to the client’s appointment, as well as following appropriate procedures on the day. 

Therapists will document in the patient’s clinical record that risks have been discussed and that the patient gives consent or not for treatment to proceed with a face-to-face consultation. 

Clinic News


The Practice is recognised by Most Health Insurance Companies. Details on the Information Page.

Sasha and Elizabeth have the same "Hands on Treatment Approach", so if one diary looks fully booked for the week, do book in with another rather than have to wait.

Please ensure you press confirm to complete an appointment booking and that you have an email confirmation immediately otherwise it will not be confirmed in the diary.

To cancel an appointment with more than 24 hrs notice, click on the cancellation link at the bottom of the original email confirmation in question.

If you are unable to find a convenient appointmment please email your practioner who may be able to open an urgent availability for you.


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