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The Wonders of PEMF Therapy for Fracture Healing
In August 2018 I fell off my mountain bike, going over the handlebars and landing with full force onto my left shoulder, the result of which was a crushed collarbone. A trip to A&E for some X-rays confirmed a non union left clavicle, there followed 4 months of hospital visits to see specialists with no signs of the bones healing.
It was recommended that surgery was the best option, at the end of January 2019 I underwent surgery to have the collarbone plated together. The plate was due to be removed after 6 weeks, but no signs of healing could be seen on the X-rays.
It was at this point that I undertook my first session of PEMF therapy, immediately after the first session I could feel a gentle tingling sensation in the shoulder and a general feeling that something was happening internally.
After some further PEMF treatments the plate was removed, the surgeon was very impressed with the amount of healing that had taken place over the previous few weeks.
The fracture is fully healed, the physiotherapy helped gain full shoulder movement, strength and function. Amazing, Pain Free. I can only attribute this to the PEMF Treatment I received at Sasha Physiotherapy.
Colin Butler


"I contracted Cellulitis on the lower part of my leg at the end of my holiday in Menorca. I had Athletes Foot and it is thought that the infection came in through the cracked skin either when swimming in a pool or walking on the beach. I had no idea what Cellulitis was until I contracted it and didn't realise how painful it was. My leg swelled up below the knee , making it very difficult to get shoes on. I took two different sorts of antibiotics for approximately 6 weeks.
Very little progress was made.
I came to visit Laura when the Cellulitis was at its worst. She said that she could help me using the PEMF Therapy. When I had stopped taking the antibiotics and the leg was beginning to heal , I had the PEMF Therapy once a week. I had a few open wounds which looked like they were developing into leg ulcers. The PEMF Therapy was wonderful and not at all painful. It started to heal the open wounds very quickly. The skin began to heal quicker with the help of the PEMF Therapy.

The leg is looking much better now thanks to the PEMF Therapy. I would highly recommend the treatment.
A big thank you to Laura Flinders who has helped me through this infection of Cellulitis."

Helen Le Houx



Following a triple fracture of both my Tibia and Fibula in my left leg, when a golf buggy rolled on top of me, I would have not made such a remarkable recovery in three months if it was not for Sasha Physiotherapy and especially the PEMF therapy.  Following the surgery to pin my leg, I was discharged from hospital non- weight bearing on crutches with no advice at all, apart from the fact I was told it would take me 6 to 12 months to recover. Within 10 days I commenced physiotherapy with Sasha. I regained full range of motion in my knee and ankle very quickly and the PEMF therapy helped all three fractures heal incredibly quickly, with enhancing the calcification process. Within 6 weeks, my leg was strong enough to walk unaided, following a progressive weight bearing under the advice of Sasha and within four months I started hitting balls again on the golf course. The Orthopaedic Consultant said that the healing of my fractures would have not been so successful without the PEMF therapy on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.


My wife and I cant thank Sasha Physiotherapy and the PEMF therapy enough for helping me and advising me every step of the way during a very speedy rehabilitaion process.


Rob Ryan

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