The Coach House, Wick Lane, Englefield Green, TW20 0UF
The Coach House, Wick Lane, Englefield Green, TW20 0UF
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Kent Pietsch -Wentworth Club Golf Captain 2011

Three different orthopaedic surgeons as well as numerous MRIs, cat-scans, & x-rays left me with only three treatment options for my heavily damaged osteoarthritic ankle: continued use of strong pain-killers, ankle fusion, or ankle replacement. Sasha Griffin forestalled the necessity of risky fusion or replacement operations and curtailed my habitual use of prescription narcotic pain-killers. Her fortnightly treatments gave me back 75% of the joint movement that had been lost. Due exclusively to her treatments, I was able to play more than 230 rounds of golf during my year as 2011 Captain of Wentworth Club. Doing so without Sasha's regular ministrations would have been unthinkable. 


Jennifer- Interim HR


Before I found you Sasha I was plagued for over 15 years with chronic back pain and despite spending a small fortune on a variety of treatments seeking pain relief, seeing several specialists and even undergoing surgery I was never rid of it.  I thought I was destined to put up with it or end up going down the spinal fusion route.

That was until I found you!

I remember the very first time I saw you and how your examination differed from every other Physiotherapist I had seen.  Instead of the usual bending process  you put me on the table straight away, and within the first five minutes of examining me you found the main source of my pain, chronic scar tissue – I am sure you remember it too due to the loud scream I let out when you pressed on it!

Little did I know then how your discovery was finally to put me on the road to recovery.

We are now 1.5 years on and the difference you have made to my back is just phenomenal and absolutely priceless to me so I cannot thank you enough.

I just wish I had found you much sooner as I have no doubt that I would have saved myself a lot of years of unnecessary pain and maybe even surgery.


Dave- IT Specialist


Following a revisional spinal fusion operation  (the first operation failed to resolve chronic base back pain) Sasha massively helped me over many months in reducing pain, engaging again in sport and building confidence + strength in the core supporting my back.
My spinal surgeon recommended Sasha as previous physio's in the hospital were not hands-on enough and couldn't deliver the support that I needed to build the strength required to resume normal life with sport. When I turned up at Sasha for the first time I was stiff and in pain across all my whole back, with lots of scar tissue. Over the many months Sasha has treated me, she has alleviated pain and reduced the scar tissue significantly. Sasha has undoubtedly help to strengthen my core, concentrated on all my levels to ensure I'm comfortable in day-to-day life and enabled me to resume cricket, running and even football. I would certainly recommend Sasha as a top sports physio who can help get you to where you want to be. 


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Note to all Clients:

Laura Flinders has sadly left the practice. We wish her every success setting up her own Practice in Suffolk to be closer to family and friends.

Lizzie, Sasha and Jo are your chosen therapists now. We look forward to seeing Laura's clients in due course.

The Practice is recognised by Most Health Insurance Companies. Details on the Information Page.


Sasha, Elizabeth and Jo have the same "Hands on Treatment Approach", so if one diary looks fully booked for the week do book in with another rather than have to wait.


PEMF treatments, please book online as a normal 30 minute physiotherapy session with Sasha, Josephine or Elizabeth.


Pilates; please contact Annabel directly as she holds her diary to take bookings for our Exercise Studio.


Please ensure you press confirm to complete an appointment booking and that you have an email confirmation immediately otherwise it will not be confirmed in the diary.


To cancel an appointment with more than 24 hrs notice, click on the cancellation link at the bottom of the original email confirmation in question.


If you are unable to find a convenient appointmment please email your practioner who may be able to open an urgent availability for you.

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